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A member based application where a community of dental professionals can search for employment or employees based on their individual needs 24/7/365.

What We Offer

No Agency Contracts or Commissions

Smile for Hire eliminates the middle man. We provide an application that weeds out time wastage in your staffing pursuit. It also allows you to avoid the unnecessary costs, contracts, and hassles that staffing agencies demand.

Convenient Calendar Option

Select and publish your calendar availability for others searching for you. Whether you’re trying to pick up some extra days of work or take maternity leave, we make it simple to list your availability for others to view and pursue.

Direct Contact with Employees or Employers

We put you exactly where you need to be; in front of a potential employee or employer that can provide you with exactly what you’re looking for. Smile for Hire allows you to directly contact someone posting a job or searching for one.

Search Based on Proximity

We save your time by giving you the option to select the location of your search. You can search for dental hygienists, dentists, dental assistants, office administrators available in your geographical area.